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About us

TebABzar Asia Medical CO. 

TebAbzar Asia (Abbreviated as TABAS MED Co.) Is a medical company established in 2004 by gathering of expert and educated people in the related fields.

Its main field has been Laboratory equipment in hematology and pathology sectors so far has expanded it to molecular diagnostics during 2012-13 which is amongst the fasted growing sections in the company.

At the moment we are representing the following companies:

1)      Wescor (US) : Hematology Acid fast and gram slide stainer, Sweat Analysis system, Osmometers.

2)      Alfawassermann ( Netherlands/United States) : Electrolyte analyzers , Auto analyzers

3)      Celltrazone(South Korea): Liquid based cytology preparation system.

4)      Master Diagnostica (Spain) : Ebrid: HPV fully automated detection system

5)      Nano biosys( South Korea): Real time PCR and DNA/RNA purification systems

6)      Samsung ( South Korea): Hematology analyzer, Dry biochemistry , Immuno assay

Team Arrangement:

1)      Official personnel including the board of directors: Nine people

2)      Service personnel: Six skilled people

3)      Sales people: Nine people

Total of 29 people

We are being advised by fiveconsultants in the related fields who are among well reputed and highly ranked people in the public and private sector

Turnover : The last year (2012): turnover is more than US$3,250,000


Accessible and dependable healthcare for all

Accessible: within reach and affordable

Dependable:  Accurate, repeatable, and updated

Healthcare: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Mission:We monitor the health care needs of the society , maintain close connection with the key people who can best address these needs and find the best solutions around the globe to best suite these needs and make sure all these points are best connected to provide accessible, dependable heath care for all. Timelines are critical. We need all the help at its cost. End justifies the mean.